Helping leading-edge health tech companies access capital and scale in Asia

HONG KONG 12-17 May 2024

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What is the purpose of the Australian Health-Tech Mission to Asia?

The Mission aims to help leading-edge health-tech companies from Australia access capital and scale their businesses in Asia.

When and where will the Mission take place?

The Mission will take place in Hong Kong from 12-17 May 2024.

How can delegates pre-sell their offer?

Delegates can provide a one-page teaser document outlining their proposition and offer to the local connections and project manager in Hong Kong, who will pre-qualify interest and get feedback from potential investors and interested parties.

What is the pricing structure for the Mission?

The price to attend the Mission is A$5,000 per delegate company (includes GST). This package includes all of the activities detailed in the Mission itinerary. Please note that the price does not include flights and accommodation costs.

Where will we stay?

We will propose a conveniently located hotel at an affordable price in Hong Kong for all delegates, but we acknowledge that some delegates will have their own preference and will want to make their own arrangements.

What is included in the Mission package pricing?

All Mission packages include all activities detailed in the Mission Itinerary, including welcome and farewell dinner.

How many places are available for the Mission?

The Mission is limited to 30 places only.

Who is the Mission leader?

The Mission leader is David Thomas, who has over two decades of experience in identifying, building, and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries, particularly in China.

What are the key benefits of attending the Mission?

The key benefits include access to capital and funding, expanding market opportunities in Asia, and establishing a local presence in Asia, which can increase revenue, profits, and growth opportunities for health-tech businesses.

Will we meet pre-qualified and serious investors?

We are actively reaching out to professional investors, including high-net- worth individuals, family offices, venture capital firms, and institutions, from various channels- Our aim is to provide all delegates with the chance to connect and interact with committed pre-screened investors who have a genuine interest in the healthcare industry. In fact, many of these investors have already received a teaser document beforehand.

What is the format of the facilitated pitch sessions during the Mission?

The facilitated pitch sessions are an opportunity for delegates to showcase their health-tech venture to potential investors and collaborators. The sessions are organised with professional translators and personalised matchmaking is provided to connect delegates with potential investors, collaborators, and partners.

Is it possible to bring additional team members or guests to the Mission?

Yes, additional team members or guests can be added at an extra cost. However, the Mission is limited to 30 places only, so availability may be limited

What type of health-tech companies are suitable for the Mission?

The Mission is suitable for leading-edge health-tech companies from Australia that have a potential for growth in Asia, including digital health, medical devices, precision medicine, and regenerative medicine. Companies should have a well-prepared value proposition and offer, and be ready to engage with potential investors and partners.

Are there any Terms and Conditions to be aware of?
Please refer to the Booking Form which sets out all the T&Cs for the mission and may answer other questions not covered in the above.